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Course on Conveyor Technology for Bulk Transport @ IIT Kharagpur [Oct 14-20]: Apply by Oct 10


Large scale bulk solid handling is a major operational area in mining, metallurgical and agricultural sectors. Thermal power stations, steel plants, ports and metallurgical plants need to transport and handle coal and minerals. Grains
handling in agro industries also involve bulk solid handling.
However, indigenous technology and tools for bulk transport is almost non-existent. Uses of conveyor belts in India have expanded manifold in the last five decades. Currently much innovative advancement have taken place in the belt conveying technology and number of national and international companies are offering design and construction services to Indian industries.
However, not many academic or research oriented programs related to bulk material handling are offered in Indian engineering institutes. This course is designed to appraise the current technological advancements so that the engineering faculty can develop new courses and initiate R&D activities to effectively support the country’s infrastructural requirements.

Course Content
  • Classification and evaluation of bulk material transportation systems.
  • Tools and techniques for terrain analysis and transportation route selection.
  • Basic principles of technology design: conveyor belt types and their designs, belt feeding systems, temporary storage and discharge systems, belt maintenance and monitoring technologies.
  • Introduction to conveyor belt design and maintenance software
  • Monitoring and maintenance of belt conveyor systems.
  • Environmental impacts of mineral transport and its mitigation measures.
  • Economics of bulk material transport and handling.
  • Risk and safety analysis of belt conveyor systems.

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