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Course on Batteries, Fuel Cells & Their Role in Modern Society by Ural Federal University [Online, 6 Weeks]: Enroll Now

About the Course

In today’s world, we see game-changing movements in transportation and energy markets. A better understanding of the processes involved can help you to find your own role in these incipient shifts and take advantage of monumental changes down the road.

This course is an elementary introduction to batteries and fuel cell, the cornerstone of electromobility and renewable energy, the main drivers of sustainable development. Learning the lessons of history, understanding the main driving forces, and gaining the basic knowledge of the key technologies will build your basic all-around comprehension of the subject.

This course aims to bridge science and society. For students focused on science, it will help illustrate the demands of society and industry. For learners from industry, business, or from generalist backgrounds, it will be the lucid introduction to the subject.

What you’ll learn?
  • Lessons of history that build understanding of possible risks of electromobility in near future
  • The driving forces of growing demand in electromobility and energy storage and how these will change the game
  • Basic principles and “how it works” for electric vehicles, batteries and fuels cells
  • Main types of batteries and fuel cells
  • How electrode material chemistry defines battery characteristics
  • Week 1. History of electric vehicles
  • Week 2. EV revival or why governments care so much about EVs and clean energy
  • Week 3. Engineering. Electric Vehicles and batteries
  • Week 4. Science. Chemical power sources
  • Week 5. Science. Different types of batteries
  • Week 6. Electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

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Course on Batteries, Fuel Cells & Their Role in Modern Society 

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