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CfP: DST-BIRAC Students Innovations for Translation & Advancement of Research Explorations (SITARE): Submit by Nov 30

Students Innovations for Translation & Advancement of Research Explorations (SITARE) Scheme is aimed at supporting innovative student projects in the area of biotechnology. The scheme’s mandate is to promote and encourage young students for embracing translational research (defined under Section 4) to develop innovative products and technologies addressing unmet needs. SITARE-GYTI Award Grant is not a usual research fellowship. The scheme also provides an opportunity for orientation, training and mentoring through residential workshops etc.

Types of Scheme

SITARE-Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award Grant (SITARE-GYTI): 15 innovative student projects will receive funding support of upto INR 15 lakhs each.  SITARE-GYTI encourages postgraduate and doctoral students to undertake projects with commercial potential leading to creation of biotech startups. The fund recipients are recognized as BIRAC’s SITARE-GYTI beneficiaries.

Eligibility: An Indian Student pursuing Ph.D/Masters* in any discipline is eligible to apply for this award grant. The student should have a valid ID issued by the Institution/University. A No objection Certificate (NoC), as per prescribed format needs to be submitted along with application.

Exceptions for exceptional talent: Meritorious candidature outside the above eligibility criteria may be considered for SITARE with approval of BIRAC’s competent authority.

SITARE-Appreciation Grant: Residential workshops called as Biotech Innovation Ignition School (BIIS) for undergraduate students are organized to provide hands-on-technical training and mentorship for problem identification in 3-4 weeks duration. Out of 30-40 students per workshop, 10 students are selected and provided a grant support of up to INR 1 lakh each to encourage their inquisitiveness and sustained efforts. The recipients are recognized as BIRAC’s SITARE-Appreciation beneficiaries. In a year, 3 such workshops are conducted.


Students pursuing Bachelors programme in any discipline, preferably from Tier II/Tier III cities and aspirational districts within India. The student should have a valid ID issued by the Institution/University.

A student can avail only one opportunity for BIIS workshop training across all SITARE Partners, except for the SITARE-Appreciation Award Grantees who will be eligible to avail access to subsequent workshops by other Partners on recommendation by SITARE Partner/BIRAC.

How to apply?

Interested candidates can apply via this page.


Email: info[at]
Phone. 079-27913293, 27912792

Call for Proposals DST-BIRAC Under SITARE Scheme.




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