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CfP: Annual Convention of Strategic Management at IIM Lucknow [Dec 27-29]: Submit by Nov 15

About the conference

Firms are embedded in ecosystems. Their survival and performance depend on the health of their ecosystem. How should firms manage their ecosystem is, therefore, emerging as an important question in the field of strategic management. The emergence of ecosystem perspectives in strategy research is leading to several new and interesting debates in the field.

 Ecosystem research looks beyond the boundary of the firm to explain its performance which is making us revisit the conventional understanding of firm boundary and performance (e.g. Kapoor and Agarwal, 2017). Rise of ecosystem research is leading us to question our understanding of resources and sustainability with the emergence of ‘Natural Resource-Based View’ (hereafter, NRBV) of firm (e.g. Hart and Dowell, 2011).

It is throwing new challenges such as how should firms balance their pursuit of managing ecosystem health amidst competing pressures of managing internal organizations and the role of keystone organizations (e.g. Lansiti and Lavien, 2004). It is also calling into question our understanding of the ecosystem itself (e.g. Adner, 2017). This conference is an attempt to leverage the opportunity provided by radical shifts in the business ecosystem in India and their global undercurrents to highlight newer challenges as well as to come up with interesting insights on the existing debates in the field of ecosystem research.


This is a Call for Papers for the 21st Annual Convention of Strategic Management Forum to be held at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow between 27th and 29th December 2019. The overarching theme of the conference is, “New Age Ecosystems and Strategies thereof: Inviting New Directions to Strategic Management Research in India”.

  • Resources and Capabilities
  • Firm Performance
  • Corporate Strategy-Diversification, Merger and Acquisition, Joint Venture and Alliances
  • Family Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Bottom of Pyramid Strategy
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Teaching Cases

Important date

Last date of paper/ proposal submission- 15th Nov 2019.

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