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Buland Iraade: A Journey of Learning & Positive Transformation @ Sambhaavnaa Institute, Himachal [Nov 11-15]: Registrations Open

About Sambhaavnaa

Sambhaavnaa Institute Of Public Policy and Politics organizes multiple programs and workshops throughout the year involving youth, leaders and representatives of the civil society and social movements.

Workshop Objectives 
  • Understand basic concepts including power, gender, patriarchy & sexuality.
  • Examine these concepts in the context of our Constitutional rights.
  • Discuss the situation of tribal communities in India in current times.
  • Reflect creatively on ways to counter repression and our own role in the process of peaceful social transformation.
  • Learn and sing powerful songs of change and resistance.
Core Themes 
  • What is power? Is it always negative or can it be used positively?
  • Examine links between gender and patriarchy. Is sexuality personal, or is it connected with the world around us?
  • What is consent?
  • Rights under the Indian Constitution.
  • Create and use creative tools (like songs in different languages) for social transformation.
  • Contribution of the workshop would include boarding and lodging. This would be a total of Rs. 2000 for 5 days. However, organiser deeply believes that money should never be a barrier to learning and self-discovery and we offer a few waivers and scholarships to interested candidates with limited means. The organiser would also encourage people who can afford this, to send contributions to cover costs for other candidates.
  • Venue: Sambhaavnaa Institute, VPO – Kandbari, Tehsil – Palampur, District – Kangra, PIN 176061, Himachal Pradesh

For more information please Whatsapp or call Shashank: 8894227954

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