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Looking for Best Document Scanning App? Download vFlat Today!

Are you looking for Best Document Scanning App? Then download vFlat Now.

About Best Document Scanning App- vFlat App

Remember those days when you had to look for a scanner to scan any document, make into PDF and send to someone? Luckily, times have changed. These days, you can meet most of your scanning needs with an app on your phone. Not only is this cheaper than a flatbed scanner, but it’s also much more convenient.

But wait… Which app to install? How big the app size is? Is it safe? The app stores are crowded with hundreds of options, and their differences aren’t immediately obvious.

To save you the time of researching and testing, this presentation/blog post will feature one of the best scanner app. Whether you need to quickly scan receipts or accurately transcribe text from documents, there’s this one app more than sufficient for you.

Now if you are a student; scanning notes, assignments or even exam papers have become a daily job. So you need a scanner which can save your time and give the best scan in just one go! vFlat Scan can do that you!

Time to replace your current scanning app with vFlat Scan now!

vFlat App Features

Here are some useful features outlined for you:

vFlat Scan is an excellent document scanning and sharing app, especially for students. It allows them to instantly scan any text or graphic and save or share them with others. Students can use their phone or tablet camera to take a photo, and vFlat Scan will automatically enhance the scanned results so you can quickly email, print, fax, or share them in PDF or JPEG format.

  • Ad Free: The best thing about vFlat Scan is that it is ad-free, which means no annoying pop-ups or banners. vFlat Scan is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • OCR Magic: vFlat Scan allows users to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract text from images for further editing or .txt sharing.
  • Auto Crop: Suppose you are scanning your answer sheets, and you have very less time to click pictures and crop them to the perfect dimension. Relax! vFlat Scan will auto-crop your images and generate the optimized image in the background <ofcourse to save your time>

Finally, one of the most common problems while scanning—-Fingers and Shadows!
vFlat Scan automatically corrects the curved surface of the page and erases your finger from the final
scanned image.

Download links for vFlat App

Download vFlat Scan for free!: Android & IOS.


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