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Asexual Awareness Week by Indian Aces [Oct 25-31]: Registration Open

About the Programme

After 5 years of offline events, workshops and meetups across New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Sweden, London, Prague, and 10 cities within India, this year, Indian Aces will be organizing their FIRST Ace week celebrations completely online. This means you can participate no matter your location.


The ace week events are an exclusive opportunity to understand and engage with these intriguing subjects in a safe and fun environment.

  • Sexuality & Asexuality 101 workshop: Sunday, Oct 25; 2pm- 5pm.
    • Open to all.
    • A highly interactive, deep-dive, exclusive workshop to conceptually understand a groundbreaking new model of human sexuality and its nuances. Developed and facilitated by awarded expert Dr. Pragati Singh. Certificates will be provided.
  • Slogan, Essay and Artwork Contests:
    • Slogan writing contest will be open till 30th Nov, and open only to ace spectrum Indians.
    • Essay Writing and Artwork contest will be open till 31st Dec, and open to all regardless of orientation or nationality.
  • Live Guest Speaker Sessions: Tue- Fri, Oct 27-30.
    • Open to all.
    • Interact with both local and international guests who will be sharing their stories and their experiences as experts, as lay ace people, as activists and so on, including David Jay, Yasmin Benoit, Michael, Manak Matiyani and more. Get a chance to meet them and ask questions to live too.
  • Virtual PLatonicity Meetup: Saturday, Oct 31, 8-10 pm
    • Open to only ace or ace spectrum people.
    • A virtual meetup with some chit chat, some super fun interactive games, and much humour, while maintaining as much anonymity as you want! Limited exclusively to aces and those on the ace-spectrum from anywhere around the world.
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the programme through this link.






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