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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Master Class Series by Pantech Solutions [Oct 5-Nov 4]: Registration Open

About the Organiser

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About the Webinar

Pantech Solutions is conducting free Artificial Intelligence (AI) Master Class Series from October 5-November 4, 2020.


The training is to facilitate the participants to get cognizance of the concepts dealt with for substantial utilization of the same into studying, teaching, research work, and upgrading.

Course Content


DAY – 1 Overview of this course | Introduction to AI | How to create basic AI application (Chat bot using DialogFlow)
DAY – 2 How to install Python & Libraries | Basics of python Programming for AI.


DAY – 3 Introduction to Computer Vision| How to install computer vision libraries
DAY – 4 Moving Object Detection and tracking using OpenCV
DAY – 5 Face Detection and Tracking using OpenCV
DAY – 6 Object Tracking based on color using OpenCV
DAY – 7 Face Recognition using OpenCV
DAY – 8 Face Emotion recognition using 68-Landmark Predictor OpenCV


DAY – 9 Introduction to Deep learning | How to install DL libraries
DAY – 10 Designing your First Neural Network
DAY – 11 Object recognition from Pre-trained model
DAY – 12 Image classification using Convolutional Neural Network
DAY – 13 Hand gesture recognition using Deep Learning
DAY – 14 Leaf disease detection using Deep Learning
DAY – 15 Character recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
DAY – 16 Label reading using Optical Character recognition
DAY – 17 Smart Attendance system using Deep Learning
DAY – 18 Vehicle detection using Deep Learning
DAY – 19 License plate recognition using Deep Learning
DAY – 20 Drowsiness detection using Deep Learning
DAY – 21 Road sign recognition using Deep Learning


DAY – 22 Introduction to Machine learning| How to install ML libraries
DAY – 23 Evaluating and Deploying the various ML model
DAY – 24 Fake news detection using ML
DAY – 25 AI snake game design using ML


DAY – 26 Introduction to NLP & it’s Terminology | How to install NLP Libraries NLTK
DAY – 27 Title Formation from the paragraph design using NLP
DAY – 28 Speech emotion analysis using NLP


DAY – 29 Cloud-based AI, Object recognition using Amazon Web Service (AWS) & Imagga
DAY – 30 Deploying AI application in Raspberry Pi with Neural Compute stick & Nvidia Jetson Nano

Who can join this Program?
  • Anyone who wants to learn AI using Python.
  • Looking for a career in AI.

No python basic required.

How to Register?
  • Interested participants can register for the webinar through this link.
  • E-Certificates shall be provided to the participants.

Malaiyappan.M (9840974408)


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