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Call for Nominations: Agami Prize for Innovation in Law and Justice 2022: Submit by June 30

Nominations are invited from eligible candidates for the Agami Prize for Innovation in Law and Justice 2022.

About Agami Prize

The Agami Prize is a biennial prize that discovers and celebrates ideas impacting the field of law and justice.

Ideas, backed by entrepreneurs who are paving the way for more of us to participate in making justice.

Key highlights of The Agami Prize:

  • 10 Lakh each, to two winners under the Shamnad Basheer Prize category for mature initiatives.
  • 5 Lakh each, to two winners under the Idea Prize category for early-stage initiatives.
  • Offer critical support to the Winners to reach their highest potential.
  • Make visible the ideas shortlisted for the Agami Prize.

Participating initiatives that meet the eligibility criteria will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Transformative innovation: Ideas that are creating new patterns and new possibilities for justice by challenging existing roles, information flows, processes, relationships, or structures
  • Entrepreneurial leadership: Ideas that are backed by entrepreneurial leaders who are deeply committed to pursuing the idea. Leaders who can formulate practical pathways and take people along with them.
  • Activating agency: Ideas that invite and create roles for others to become ‘players’ in making justice and not receive services.

Nominations close June 30, 2022!

Shortlisted nominees will be announced by September 2022.

Finalists will be announced by October 2022. And winners will be announced in December 2022 at the Agami Summit.

For more information visit

Past Winners

  • 2018 | Indian Kanoon: Democratizing access to judgments and laws
  • 2018 | Provakil: Building a comprehensive data company for the legal system
  • 2018 | Civis: Enabling citizen participation in law-making
  • 2018 | Impulse Press Lab: Enabling journalists to play a role in countering human trafficking
  • 2020 | Phoenix Systems: Using technology and empathetic design to make Prisons more efficient and
  • 2020 | Aajeevika Bureau: Providing comprehensive legal support and empowering migrant workers to understand their rights/entitlements and recover unpaid wages
  • 2020 | Zenith – Society for Socio-Legal Empowerment: Developing change making capabilities in communities in Shivpuri, to shift their relationship with the justice system and enable them to realize their rights/entitlements
  • 2020 | Criminal Justice And Police Accountability Project: Enabling marginalized communities to anchor and drive the process of holding everyday policing processes accountable

About Agami

Agami is a movement of people and ideas intent on transforming the experience of justice in India. With its network, Agami has catalyzed innovation in vital areas in law and justice such as Online Dispute Resolution, Digital Courts, the use of AI, and the creation and sharing of data.

At the heart of Agami is a quest to enable every citizen to participate in creating a more just society.

Nominate your idea or an idea that inspires you here.


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