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1st Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam National Debating Championship by MANCH NSA [Nov 8-10]: Apply by Nov 4


MANCH: National Speakers Assembly is the brainchild of several legal luminaries and eminent personalities across the country and the globe. “MANCH” is India’s first debating and public speaking school.

It is a dream online platform which aims at proliferating “The Art of public speaking” and “The Art of Debating” providing ingenious understanding and cognizance of various fields to make sure that this art penetrates to every nook and corner of the ever-growing Nation, which will help in creating and developing “Young Leaders”.

Aims and Objective

Education is a continuing process. It cannot and should not be stopped. On-Line mode of education due to existing epidemic Corona has been developed as a new pedagogy, may not be as effective, as face to face mode of education, still seems the need of the time.

An International problem facing the World at present has been made a subject to increase the acumen of a student of International relations, International politics, and International law.

The rights of the people of all countries and the sprit to protect the national interests would develop in the student fraternity. The competition also aims to provide an opportunity for these students to exhibit their skill, increase awareness and the skills of debate and advocacy.

About the Competition

A learning community needs to be developed where sharing ideas, cultivate ideas, enhance communication skills and move forward thereby empowering ourselves to see a better world.

The competition helps in bringing the participants all around the globe thereby getting people closer. It adds to a greater advantage of knowing the various aspects in and around the world with various views for and against. It enlarges our scope of thought and knowledge.

The Debate Competition is not only about the competition itself, but an educational extended activity that includes familiarization with contemporary issues which provides a new and exciting way of exploring the changing dynamics of the international developments.

That develops the ability of analyses and synthesizes data and information to form arguments and take a position, familiarizing self with exposure to the audience, compete and take action in college and local community proposing for a better world.

The Competition intends to build dedicated debaters who grow up to become persuasive speakers, analytical thinkers, and proficient researchers. Not only do debaters learn to write well-reasoned and persuasive arguments, but they also learn to love researching and writing.

Debate work becomes a satisfying competitive outlet for a student’s creativity and intellect. Moreover, both debate and legal work involve applying relevant theory and precedent to the specific text of a codified law or resolution, given the nature of the competitive debate.

  • Student from any stream/course can participate.
  • Students can participate in English, Hindi or Urdu.
Registration Fee

Rs. 100/-

  • Prize worth Rs. 11,000
  • Winner (Best Speaker): Rs. 1500
  • Runner-up (2nd Best Speaker): Rs. 1000
  • 2nd runner-up: Rs. 500
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the competition through this link.

Important Dates
  • Last date of payment of registration fees: 4th Nov 2020
  • Last date to send pre-recorded video for the first round: 5th Nov 2020

Phone: 7355055869

For more details, click the link below.

1st Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam National Debating Championship




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