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अहम्: Celebrating Self by MoveVent Project [Oct 26-30]: Registration Open

About the Programme

अहम् (Aham) is the manifestation of a lot of love, hope, and passion clubbed with strong conviction that celebrates the journey within. We bring the intention of asserting mental health as a critical need, irrespective of the circumstances, by using an amalgamation of handpicked alternative therapeutic approaches to begin a chain reaction of well-being and harmony.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1

  • Workshop on Infinity: Acceptance of Sexuality through Movement
  • Workshop on Reclaim your Mind; Reclaim your Life

Day 2

  • Workshop on Fascinating world of Dot Art
  • Workshop on Aligning our Polarities: Juggling for Self Care
  • Workshop on Vital energy of a Dancing body

Day 3

  • Workshop on Well Being, Art and You
  • Workshop on AhamSambandh: traversing outer Transitions through inner Translations – from interpretation to invitation
  • Workshop on Let’s be playful to be Mindful

Day 4

  • Workshop on Meditative Art
  • Workshop on Soundplay
  • Workshop on Exploring your inner landscape through the arts

Day 5

  • Workshop on Dance the change you want to be in the World
  • Workshop on Mindfulness and Self Kindness: Befriending Ourselves
  • Workshop on Inside Out
  • Workshop on Holding Hope
Participation Fee
  • ONE workshop – A sliding scale of ₹300 to ₹600 – contribute anything between the range of ₹300 to ₹600.
  • THREE workshops – ₹800
  • Festival Pass – ₹2000 – over a span of 5 days you can book, as many as, a max of 8 possibilities.
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the programme through this link.


Kalpesh: +91 8879024916
Gayatri: +91 9637151372

For more details, click the link below.

अहम्: Celebrating Self by MoveVent Project




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